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9 Novembre 2012

il Team AtlasNX rilascia l'aggiornamento dell' All-in-One package CFW Kosmos portandolo alla versione 15.4 con l'aggiornamento di alcune funzioni di supporto sperimentale ad Atmosphere che è il CFW incluso alla rilasciata a marzo, la v0.10.5.
Kosmos è letteralmente un pacchetto di CFW, tools ed homebrew che permette di evitare l'installazione manuale di questi componenti semplificando il tutto con un unico pacchetto installativo.

Kosmos 15.4 contiene:
  • Atmosphère - 0.10.5
  • Hekate - v5.1.3
  • Homebrew App Store - hbas-2.2
  • EdiZon - snapshot
  • Emuiibo - 0.4
  • Gamecard Installer NX - v2.0.0
  • Goldleaf - 0.8
  • Kosmos Toolbox - v4.0.0
  • Kosmos Updater - v3.0.9
  • ldn_mitm - v1.3.3
  • Lockpick - v1.2.6
  • Lockpick_RCM - v1.8.1
  • nxdumptool - v1.1.9
  • nx-ovlloader - v1.0.3
  • ovlSysModules - v1.2.0
  • Status Monitor Overlay - 0.5.1
  • sys-clk - 0.13.0
  • sys-con - v0.5.3
  • sys-ftpd-light - 1.0.1
  • Tesla-Menu - v1.1.1
  • Added Gamecard Installer NX
    • An app developed by @ITotalJustice to install gamecards directly to your Switch.
    • Using this tool to install gamecards on to your Switch could possibly get your Switch banned. We suggest using a service like 90DNS if you want to install your gamecards on to your Switch.
    • No longer need sigpatches to install games. (Still need them to play them.)
    • Faster install times.
    • Option to lower keygen to make games possibly work on lower firmwares.
    • Ability to choose to install just the base game, update, dlc, or any mix of the three.
    • Changelog: ITotalJustice/Gamecard-Installer-NX
  • Updated Atmosphère
    • Changes were made to the way fs.mitm builds images when providing a layeredfs romfs.
    • A bug was fixed that caused Atmosphere's fatal error context to not dump TLS for certain processes.
    • Changelog: Atmosphere-NX/Atmosphere
  • Updated Hekate
    • Hekate - Fixed an issue with booting CFW on < 7.0.0.
    • Hekate - Fix issues with the usual sd card suspects when doing a warmboot based reboot.
    • Hekate - Support for Atmosphère experimental content.
    • Hekate - Support fatal context version AFE2
    • Hekate - Add more Minerva checks, in case it is paired with old bootloader folder contents.
    • Hekate - Support coreboot.rom chainloading that is not 1MB.
    • emuMMC - Fixed an issue with HOS 1.0.0.
    • Nyx - Fixed all touchscreen issues. In Nyx and HOS.
    • Nyx - Fixed an issue with lvGL heap which was causing hangs.
    • Nyx - Fix Archive bit tool when filepath is bigger than 256 chars.
    • Nyx - Allow canceling of emuMMC creation.
    • Changelog: CTCaer/hekate
  • Updated NXDumpTool
    • Built using libnx commit d7e6207.
    • Removed unnecessary code in NSP dumping steps.
    • Improved GitHub JSON parsing code.
    • Added NSP/ExeFS/RomFS support for titles with multiple Program NCAs (populated ID offset fields).
    • Fixed compatibility with consoles that use the new PRODINFO key generation scheme.
    • Fixed ExeFS/RomFS browsing/dumping support for bundled-in game updates in gamecards.
    • Recursive directory removal after a failed HFS0/ExeFS/RomFS data dump is now optional.
    • Fixed RomFS section dump support for titles that hold enough files in a single directory to exceed the max file count per directory limit in FAT32 (e.g. Animal Crossing: New Horizons).
    • Button presses are now retrieved from all connected controllers.
    • HOME button presses are now only blocked during dump operations.
    • Removed max entry count limit for HFS0/ExeFS/RomFS browsers.
    • Updated NACP struct to reflect latest discoveries made by 0Liam.
    • The application now displays a FW update warning when the contents from an inserted gamecard can't be parsed because they use an unsupported NCA keygen.
    • Changelog: DarkMatterCore/nxdumptool
  • Updated Tesla
    • Tesla Menu - Updated Tesla to make use of latest libtesla features
    • Tesla Menu - Display version numbers of overlays
    • Tesla Menu - New help message for if no overlays were found
    • Tesla Menu - Fixed an issue that caused touch input to not work at all in the Tesla Menu.
    • nx-ovlloader - Before, libtesla exhausted service sessions which made qlaunch crash on firmwares lower than 9.0.0. nx-ovlloader now gracefully exits instead of making qlaunch crash. If you're using a firmware lower than 9.0.0, please update!
    • Tesla Menu Changelog: WerWolv/Tesla-Menu
    • nx-ovlloader Changelog: WerWolv/nx-ovlloader
  • Updated ovlSysmodules:
    • Added ability to toggle sysmodules that need a reboot.
    • Added ability to toggle sysmodule auto booting.
    • Redid the UI to make it look a lot cleaner
    • Updated to libtesla v1.3.1 to make use of all the new features.
    • Changelog: WerWolv/ovl-sysmodules
  • and most importantly: General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.
  2. Scaricate l'ultima versione del il pacchetto dal link qui sotto
  3. Se è la prima installazione Trasferite tutto il contenuto del pacchetto sulla microSD formattata in FAT32,
  4. Se dovete aggiornare da una versione precedente, fate una copia sul PC delle cartelle Atmosphere, Bootloader, Sept della scheda microSD. Poi Eliminatele dalla scheda, se avevate dei bootloader custo, o custom save redirect, copiate i file dalla copia che avete fatto sul PC, se no andate avanti.
  5. Il file hekate_ctcaer_5.1.3.bin copiatelo anche nella cartella "favourite" di TegraRcmGui che scaricate e spacchettate dove preferite.
  6. Reinserite la microSD nella console ed avviatela in RCM mode. Collegatela al PC con il cavo USB-C
  7. Eseguite TegraRcmGUI.exe e dall'icona della cartella cercate Il file hekate_ctcaer_5.1.3.bin, sceglietelo ed infine cliccate su "Inject Payload".
Kosmos 15.4


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