XBOX 360 FATXplorer 3.0 Beta rilasciato

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9 Novembre 2012

Il dev Eaton ha rilasciato la versione 3.0 Beta del tool per windows FATXplorer in vista di una release pubblica e solida da rilasciare prossimamente.
FATXplorer 3.0 è uno strumento sviluppato per la gestione degli hard disk per XBOX e XBOX360, è in grado di formattare nuovi hard disk nel formato XDK con la partizione di supporto per gli homebrew, vedere i log di comunicazione e stato del disco e tante altre funzioni.

  • Original Xbox support! A lot of work went into ensuring that EVERYTHINGis completely supported. If something appears to be missing, please do report it.
    • Stock/retail/XDK HDD support – all sizes & partitions. F & G drives also supported on large disks that have them (10 GB+).
    • Homebrew HDD support – all sizes & partitions. These are HDDs set up with partition tables.
    • Memory units/USBs formatted as memory units
    • Dump/image files
  • Xbox 360 cache partitions can now be explored (when they are FATX-formatted, which depends on the title that triggered its creation).
  • Added support for a few more Xbox 360 XDK HDD partitions: Partition3, MuEmulation0, MuEmulation1. It’s unknown if these are FATX-formatted, but they’ll show up if they are. Furthermore, these appear to be deprecated and may only be on very old HDDs.
  • 4K sector support. OEM disks do not use 4K sectors, but any drive bought in the past several years will probably be 4K. For these disks that people choose to use with their Xbox, FATXplorer will utilize the 4K sector size for all reads and writes for increased performance.
  • A total redesign of both the UI and underlying code, utilizing a new font (Segoe UI), SVGs, and .NET Core.
  • Light and dark mode, with an option to automatically sync with your Windows default app mode setting.
  • 7 different UI colors to choose from.
  • New Show Log buttons for device detection and global. This can help you figure out why your devices don’t show up, or help diagnose other problems.
  • When selecting a partition to mount, most of them now have descriptions to help you understand what is inside each one.
  • Devices/partitions can now be mounted read-only to prevent accidental/unintended writes.
  • New Advanced Information section when loading drives. You can see your drive’s health/SMART values.
  • The driver can be uninstalled in-app now by hovering over the “Driver: Installed” section of the status bar and clicking “Uninstall”.
  • A much-improved integration/mounting driver. It works mostly the same as it currently does in v2.5, but there are several technical things of note:
    • There have been many stability and performance improvements. It should also work better in modern Windows versions.
    • Mounted drives are now assigned a unique GUID that should be unique per partition until it is reformatted. Some applications may use GUIDs for various purposes.
    • File IDs have been implemented. Application developers may find this useful. Each ID is guaranteed to be unique, but IDs will change if the item is moved to a different directory. Additionally, if an item is deleted and a new one internally overwrites the deleted item, the new one will assume the deleted item’s ID.
    • Volume IDs, which were previously generated randomly per mount, should now be unique per partition until it is reformatted. Some applications may use volume IDs for various purposes.
    • Mounted drives will now display FATX16 or FATX32 as the file system instead of just FATX.
    • Some attributes will now stick if you set them.
      • OG Xbox: Read-Only, Hidden, System, Archive
      • Xbox 360: Hidden – (Attributes are slimmed down compared to OG Xbox)

Driver per Windows
.Net Core Runtime
FATXplorer 3.0 Beta


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9 Novembre 2012
è un programma di windows che serve a formattare un HDD nel formato XBOX 360, ha anche altri piccoli strumenti all'interno sempre inerenti alla gestione dell'HDD per XBOX.


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23 Luglio 2011
Scusami se ti disturbo mi puoi indicare qualke programma per copiare gioco sul poc in formato iso e poi trasformarli con iso2 god

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