PS Vita DaedalusX64 vita GL 0.4 - emulatore N64 per PSvita

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9 Novembre 2012
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Il dev italiano rinnegatamante ha rilasciato, poco dopo la versione per Nintendo 2DS/3DS, DaedalusX64 vita GL 0.4, ossia l'emulatore N64 per PSvita.

DEADALUS X64 VITA 0.4: (in inglese)
  • Fixed a bug that caused bilinear filter to be enabled in certain circmustances when it shouldn't.
    - Improved generic mixer audio code.
    - Improved GoldenEye audio microcode.
    - Impplemented some missing instructions in Nead audio microcode.
    - Fix for some sprites being drawn with incorrect depth in Donald Duck: Quack Attack and Rayman 2.
    - Added support for zipped roms.
    - Added Super Mario 64 (O2) entry in the roms list.
    - Added several romhacks entries in the roms list.
    - Added support for some unhandled cartridge domains.
    - Fixed several issues related to palettized textures support.
    - Added Audio Sync option to sync audio rate to framerate. (experimental)
    - Added Video Sync option to sync video rate to framerate (Greatly improves experience for some games not running fullspeed, eg: Rayman 2).
    - Fixed an issue causing some texts to be drawn with incorrect sizes in Donald Duck: Quack Attack.
    - Implemented some missing instructions in the ARM DynaRec.
    - Optimized some DynaRec instructions with ARMv7 specific instructions.
    - Fixed a bug causing CPU rendering to be used only at emulator boot. (Fixes some screens not being rendered in Rayman 2 and Donald Duck: Quack Attack).
    - Added an hack to disable CPU rendering in Conker's Bad Fur Day. (Fixes some graphics corruption at game boot)
    - Added Cached Interpreter mode as CPU emulation option (Safer as Interpreter but faster).
    - Added DynaRec (Safe) mode as CPU emulation option (Makes Conker's Bad Fur Day get in game).
    - Added an option to disable MP3 instructions (doubles Conker's Bad Fur Day framerate but makes voice acting be mute).
    - Added specific F-Zero X audio microcode support.
    - Fixed an issue causing some models to be rendered at incorrect depth in some games.
    - Added a Texture Dumper function that will dump every texture the running game will load in memory.
    - Added High Level Emulation for OS calls (Greatly improves performances, eg: Doom 64 is now fullspeed).
    - Added a feature to sort rom list alphabetically.
    - Added HVQM RSP task microcode support.
    - Added an option to disable Expansion Pak usage.
    - Fixed an issue causing viewport to be incorrect with CPU rendering under certain circumstances.
    - Made so that CPU rendered frames are properly scaled to screen size.
    - Added NEON usage to several math related calculations (Improves performances).
    - Added a feature that allows to save and load settings globally and on a per game basis.
    - Added some premade configs for some games with better emulator setups (Conker's Bad Fur Day, Rayman 2, Mischief Makers).
    - Optimized 3D rendering pipeline (Improves performances).
    - Added Texels1 hack support (Fixes some graphical glitches in some games, eg: Rayman 2 incorrect lum colors and missing candles fires in Ogre Battle 64).
    - Enabled palette caching for paletted textures.
    - Added an hack for Pokemon Stadium 1 and Pokemon Stadium 2 that improves pokemons selection screen rendering.
    - Added several new blend modes support (Fixes rendering issues in several games).
    - Added possibility to fully disable texture cache for games updating textures frequently (Fixes texts garbling in Mischief Makers).
    - Reduced covers filesizes thanks to palettized PNGs usage.
    - Improved negative viewports support.
    - Added DD64 CIC types detection.
    - Improved CIC type detection code.
    - Added an alternate audio resampler based on libspeexdsp (Disabled by default, currently in debugging phase).
    - Greatly improved stability of async audio code.
    - Fixed a bug causing async audio code to become mute if the user closed a rom and launched another one.
    - Added high-res texture packs support.
    - Added support for creation of custom bubbles that will launch directly a rom through the emulator.
    - Improved analogs deadzone detection.
    - Added support for roms in uma0: partition.
    - Added possibility to disable compatibility list update at boot.
    - Added auto updater feature (Will update to latest nightly build available at boot).
    - Minor bugfixes and generic code cleanup.
    - Made so that analogs and physical buttons can be used to interact with the UI when a game is paused.
    - Added L2/L3/R2/R3 support for PSTV users.
    - Added possibility to use rear touchpad as extra four virtual buttons (Allows to use L2/L3/R2/R3 grips on normal PSVitas).
    - Added multilanguage support with support to Catalan, Danish, German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish
    - Fixed an issue causing Derby Stallion 64 saves to fail.
    - Fixed an issue causing some games with FlashRam save types to fail saving games.
    - Improved emulator loading times and performances thanks to NEON usage in memory copies operations.
    - Improved SP registers management code.
    - Improved SP DMA code.
    - Added customizable Anti-Aliasing feature with Disabled, MSAA 2x, MSAA 4x options.
    - Replaced Livearea assets with new ones.
    - Added an alert that will show on bottom left of the screen when settings or savestates are saved/loaded.
    - Added an alert that will shot on bottom left of the screen when a rom is being loaded.
    - Changed UI font to Roboto-Regular one.
    - Added a feature that allows to scale UI (Useful for PSTV users with big displays).
    - Added GitHub commits hash show up in Credits window.
  2. Scaricate i pacchetti dal link qui sotto
  3. estraete il file .vpk dal pacchetto DaedalusX64 e trasferitela interamente in ux0:/data/ della vostra scheda microSD
  4. Poi estrete il contenuto del pacchetto "data" sempre nel percorso ux0:/data/ e sovrascrivete, i giochi per N64 potete trasferirli dentro alla cartella ux0:/data/DaedalusX64/Roms
  5. tramite Vitashell o altri homebrew per esplorare il contenuto della PSVita eseguite il file vpk che installerà l'applicazione nella live area.
  6. fine.
  7. mentre siete in gioco, la funzione Touch = fa apparire i menu dell'emulatore
  8. il tasto Select = dfa Pause/Resume dell'emulazione



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