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9 Novembre 2012
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è uscita una nuovissima versione del potentissimo Emulatore WiiU per Windows!!! siamo alla 1.18.0
Mentre di seguito condividiamo anche il link della pagina ufficiale ed in continuo aggiornamento della lista di compatibilità di giochi con l'emulatore: Cemu Compatibility List

VERSIONE 1.18.0c:
  • input: Improved detection speed of controllers for DSU client
  • input: Fixed a problem where high input lag could occur for DSU client controllers
VERSIONE 1.18.0b:
  • general: Updated language files
  • CPU/JIT: Added proper icache invalidation and allow recompilation of dynamic code
  • This improves performance in titles which use runtime code generation (e.g. VC64 or webkit based titles)
  • Vulkan: Added support for texture format A1_B5_G5_R5 (commonly used by VC64 titles)
  • OpenGL: Added support for LINE_LOOP primitive
  • coreinit: Fixed a potential deadlock which could occur after OSCancelThread() was called
VERSIONE 1.18.0:
  • input: Added native support for DSU client (Cemuhook motion provider protocol)
  • Configurable as a separate input API in input settings
  • input: Added motion support when Wiimotes are used as input API for GamePad
  • input: Added motion support when using DSU client for emulated Wiimotes
  • general: Added quick start assistant for new users
  • Opens on first launch but can also be accessed via the help menu
  • debugger: Various smaller tweaks for better readability of disassembled instructions
  • debugger/patches: Added more PPC instructions to the assembler and disassembler (#288)
  • New: mulli, mullw, mulhw, mulhwu, divw, divwu, beqlr, bgtlr, bgelr, bltlr, blelr, bnelr
  • New simplified mnemonics: extlwi, extwri, slwi, srwi, clrlwi, clrrwi, sub
  • Vulkan: Fixed an issue where stencil clear could also unintentionally clear depth (fixes some issues caused by Nvidia driver 445.75)
  • Vulkan: Added alternative code path for when R4G4 textures are not supported (fixes crashes on Intel GPUs)
Cemu 1.18.0c

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